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Sodalite Curb Chain Necklace

Sodalite Curb Chain Necklace

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African Sodalite and Sterling Silver necklace handmade in San Diego, CA with lots of love 🫶 

☀︎ Ethically sourced African Sodalite

☀︎ Completely handmade. Each piece is cut, stamped, forged, and polished by me in my home studio 

Sodalite is believed to unite logic with intuition which aids in communication, emotional well-being, and finding your inner truth. This is the perfect piece to wear when you're need an emotional anchor and guiding hand.

Necklace measures 13.5 inches and can be extended to 14.5 inches. If you'd like it to be longer, message me on instagram @silvermoonjewelryco after placing your order. 

Please note that my jewelry is handmade and will reflect the silversmithing process, but that's part of the beauty right?

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