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Watermelon Jasper 🍉⛓️ Necklace

Watermelon Jasper 🍉⛓️ Necklace

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Watermelon Jasper Sterling Silver Necklace handmade in Atlanta, Georgia.

I brought back this edgy, but minimal necklace style with a Watermelon Jasper stone! Not only is the stone the colors of watermelon, but it’s shaped like a slice too! This bright, textured stone is the perfect stone to wear this summer. 

Watermelon Jasper is the stone of light, love, and rejuvenation. It attracts happiness and positivity while also providing a nurturing energy. This is the perfect stone to wear when you’re looking for happy, stable times. 

Chain is 15 inches with a custom made easy to attach and detach hook. 

Please note that my jewelry is handmade and will reflect the silversmithing process, but that's part of the beauty right?

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