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Endless Horizons Cuff

Endless Horizons Cuff

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Yellow Banded Agate Cuff handmade in Atlanta, GA as part of the homegrown collection.

This statement cuff features a beautiful Yellow Banded Agate set in Sterling Silver. The brightness of the agate combined with the bold cuff make it the perfect piece to brighten up any look. 

Yellow Banded Agate, much like the meaning of its color is a revitalizing stone. It brings about courage, confidence, and prosperity. This cuff is the perfect piece to wear when you're wanting to bring or even just reinforce the joy in your life. 

Cuff is length 6 inches with 1.5 inch opening. The cuff can be sized down but the detailing at the edge of the band will likely be removed. 

Please note that my jewelry is handmade and will reflect the silversmithing process, but that's part of the beauty right?

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